THE BEACH – a little characteristic of this part of our coastline: sea and the beach, water and sand – exactly what tourists like the most. Our beaches are wide and very sandy and separated from the coastline by a cliff, a unique type of shoreline – and that makes them unique.
THE LIGHTHOUSE - built over 130 years ago, which makes it an architectural monument. It has been lit for the first time in 1866 with an oil lamp with four knots. It is 45 metres high and therefore the light it produces is visible from up to 20 nautical miles (over 36 kilometres). A special bulb of 1000 Watts acts as the lightsource, enhanced about 20 times by a system of prisms.

ORGANISED TRIPS TO GDAŃSK AND KOŁOBRZEG - Our resort is organising bus trips to Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg as well as to many other interesting places. Every trip equals travelling in a comfortable bus, a travel guide at your disposal and a meal. Each trip is conducted according to a specially designed program.

TRZEBIATÓW – situated by the river Rega 10km from the Baltic seaside. It’s a town with rich history connected with West Pomerania and Poland. Well-stored and recently renovated  landmarks are great proof of the rich history of the town and its surroundings. The town has very unique development with its streets in the Old Town area placed on a chessboard plan. The biggest landmarks are the Defensive Walls, the ‘Prochowa’ keep, the St. Mary’s Motherhood Church built between 1305 and 1370  and the palace that was home to the Wirtemberg dukes between 1785 and 1790, where Dutchess Mary Wirtemberg (of the Czartoryski family) lived..
TRZĘSACZ – remains of a church built at the turn of the 15th century almost 2 kilometres away from the sea still manage to attract masses of tourists. Abrasive processes have caused, over time, the shoreline to get closer and closer to the building.  The last service was held on the 2nd of March, 1874 and everything that remained in the church was moved to a cathedral in Kamień Pomorski. In 1901 the first part of the Church has collapsed. Today only a fragment of the southern wall remains in place. Currently there is ongoing work on protecting the ruins from storms. This is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Europe.

LIWIA ŁUŻA LAKE – situated 300 metres from the beach, partially in Niechorze, partially in Pogorzelica. Mysterious, shrouded with legends and available only for birds, it has been waiting for years for the right moment to show its wonderfulness again. The Liwia Łuża lake, connected to the sea through Liwka- a channel which is the natural border between Niechorze and Pogorzelica – is a basin spanning over 220 hectars. Today it is a reserve for birds of passage.

LIGHTHOUSE MINIATURE PARK IN NIECHORZE – In the park you can see miniatures of the most interesting lighthouses

WHALE PARK- exhibits a nautical version of a dinosaur park divided into a few thematic areas: the Baltic Sea, Ocean Giants, Monsters from the depths, Pirates and parrots. Całość zbudowana na piasku i ozdobiona motywami rybackimi. Oprócz tego można również zobaczyc modele zwierząt obecnie żyjących w morzach i oceanach.


MULTIMEDIA MUSEUM ON THE 15TH MERIDIAN – exhibits a multimedia presentation of the legend of the Trzęsacz Church and archived photos. The only actors there are image, sound, and light

‘RETRO EXPRESS’ PUFFING BILLY – the seaside narrow-gauge railway is over 100 years old. It was put into use in July 1896. Then, the railway, which was 75mm in width, has connected Gryfice, Trzęsacz, Rewal and Niechorze. In 1916 the line has been extended to Pogorzelica and Trzebiatów. In that time, the rebuilding of the line has been finished and the gauge was extended to 1000mm. Today, the tourist choo-cho’s route is Gryfice – Trzęsacz – Rewal – Niechorze – Pogorzelica. There’s also a narrow-gauge railway exhibition in Gryfice.


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