VACUACTIV ensures comfort, safety, amazing wxercise and amazing effects!

VACUACTIV is: "A patented technology of linking the highest quality treadmills, ionization, IR rays, vacuum, aromatherapy and colour therapy in a tight sealed capsule".

All the VACUACTIV features can work together or separately, according to our customer’s wishes.


1. IR infrared light:  removes toxins from the deep layers of the skin, which results in healthier skin

2. Vacuum – increases the rate of body fat burning. Vacuum makes the circulation of lymph better, resulting in removal of unnecessary metabolites

3. Aromatherapy – oils used in aromatherapy have high therapeutic value. They help fend off virus and fungus infections. Ether oils have a special use in cosmetology. They boost metabolism and improve the structure of skin

4. Colour therapy – helps fight every person’s problems (energy reserves, metabolism, psychical well-being). We can help that by targeting places which govern various functions of our organisms such as: energy centers (chakras), streams and points of energy (meridians) and impulse and organ fields.

5. Air ionosation – thanks to the negative ionisation, you can forget about fatigue, sleepiness and overall bad mood

6. LED photorejuvenation – an uninvasive, new, safe method which enables even application of therapeutic 630nm light. By evenly irradiating big, 280 square centimeter areas, it spans the whole face area .

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